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How can I Recover my Quickbooks Admin Password?

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QuickBooks is the software that assists you in the accounting work mainly for the small and medium-size business and it can also be used for accepting & paying the bills to manage the required account work of the business.

QuickBooks account is protected with a password for avoiding any unauthorized access to the company accounts, if you forget the password then you need to search How to Recover Quickbooks Admin Password.


What is the process to recover the QuickBooks account password?


If you forget the admin password of the account then you need to recover it for accessing back to the accounts of the business by following this process.

  • Visit the website of QuickBooks and click on Sign In option located on the top-right corner.
  • Click on the option of  I forgot my user ID or Password to start the recovery process.
  • Enter the Phone Number, Email or User ID to find your QuickBooks account.
  • You will get the QuickBooks Admin password reset form in which you need to enter all the information of the account.
  • You will obtain the password reset code on the registered email ID.
  • Enter that password reset code in the required web-field of the password reset form.
  • Create a new password of the account and provide confirmation.

Now, you can access and manage the accounting data of the business according to your need for cancelling.


How to recover the QuickBooks account by using the security questions?


There is one more method using which you can recover the account and Reset password for Quickbooks Admin by following the method that is given below.

  • Launch the website of QuickBooks and select the Sign In option.
  • Start the account recovery process by clicking the I Forgot my user ID or Password.
  • Enter the phone number or User ID to find the account.
  • Answer the security questions correctly (if you have enabled this option) to prove your identity.
  • Enter a new password of the QuickBooks account and re-enter it to give confirmation.
  • Save the changes to complete the QuickBooks admin password reset process.

After entering the account, you can update the details of the recovery setting and reset the password of other QuickBooks users who use this service.

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