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How To Quickly Reset Security Question in Your Apple ID?

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Many a times Apple user face issues with their security questions and see ‘Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions’ message on their screen. In other words, this simply means that they get unable to prove that they are the actual owner of their Apple account. Security Questions works as an important account recovery alternative method on Apple. However, if one forgets the answers for their security questions then Apple will not allow them to reset their account’s password. Besides, if the user do not provide other account recovery alternatives such as phone number or email address then Apple will obliged to use the Security questions as account verification alternative.

This can also lead the user to face issues while accessing iTunes, buying music, applications, and other iTunes store content. Hence, read further to know how to reset security question in apple ID.

Reset Your Security Questions: Apple ID

· Visit the iforgot Apple page in your web browser and login to your account

· Select continue option and then pick the options to reset your security questions and then again enter your Apple ID password

· Next, hit the Continue button and then follow the onscreen prompts to verify your identity as account holder

· Next, you’ll need to choose new security questions and their respective answers

Furthermore, contact tech-support to know more about how to reset security question in apple ID.

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